Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Funky Skittles

Hey guys! Nail art two days in a row? Normally I won't even post regularly, lol. So this another nail art contest entry but this one is for Sincerely Stephanie's Skittle contest. I love Stephanie's blog, and highly recommend her awesomeness. This amazing mani was done with Loreal Eiffel for You, Ulta Mint Condition, Orly Decades of Misfortune, essence Ultimate Pink, Essie Navigate Her, Kiss White Striper, and a old purple Lane Bryant polish (which is crap so it's good that they have changed it since). I hope you guys like it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine Nail Art!

Hi everybody! Look at my awesome valentines nail art! I'm entering this into Kelsie of Kelsie's Nail Files who is having a nail art contest based off of a Pinterest board, which is kinda amazing. I chose this awesome wedding cake but it is totally valentine nail art too! If you wanna check it out head over to her site.

This is the wonderful cake I attempted to recreate on my nails, sorta awesome but not perfect.  I didn't have all of the colors exactly and I can paint a perfect square with my brush....

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Daring Digits Popped

Hi you guys... Here is another one of the bottles I got to review from Daring Digits. Popped is a clear base with small green, blue, yellow, red, orange, and purple glitter then it has large shard glitter of corresponding colors. I decided to put this over OPI San Tan- tonio wich is a warm tan neutral color.

This is two coats of San Tan-tonio and then one coat of Popped.  I did place a few of the shards but that was just me being a little obsessive.  This glitter is so colorful and fun!  I put it over the tan to see just how awesome it could brighten up the day! Similar to Laser Tag this has a pretty strong scent, but I still think it's pretty. You can buy Popped and more at!

Beaty Blogazon Weekend Round Up!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Laser Tag

Hi everybody! I am so very excited because I got my Daring Digits promo pack today and the first thing I did was swatch Laser Tag. Daring Digits Laser Tag is a black base with blue and green shimmer as well as an assortment of colored bar glitter. I did four coats due to my bad application, but look below for more!

These top two pictures are with top coats.... These next two show the original matte luster.  I personally like it with top coat better, but that's just my opinion. My swatches do not do this justice even though it had a slightly lumpy formula as well as having a strong smell, but honestly I am fine with that because just look at it!.

So you guys can get Ash's awesome polishes at her website at Her polishes normally cost somewhere around $7. Expect to see more awesomeness from her in the day's to come!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nail Rock Nail Caviar

Hey everybody, sorry that this is a day late but here are my caviar nails. This is a kit I got from Walmart for $7 and the one I got is in Venus. It came with a set of the beads in silver, pink, orange, and blue and a really pretty gold nail polish. I was really excited about this because I refuse to pay for the ciate version.

More after the jump!

One coat of the gold nail polish

two coats and then I immediately dipped them in the caviar beads.

The finished product

So I decided to put topcoat over them which is what these two last photos are are of... NOT a good idea with the beads in this set atleast, it caused discoloration in the beads and make them bleed.

I took this off pretty fast because I kinda picked at it.  I liked the look but it's a little much for everyday wear and I just happen to pick at things a lot.  I hope you guys have an awesome day and I will blog again soon :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Minty radiance

Hey everybody! This is gonna be real fast but today's mani consists of Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, Revlon Radiant, and a polish I made out of top coat and eyeshadow... Specifically a teal and gold eyeshadow. Radiant is the glitter on my accent nail and the polish I made is whats making the normally creme that is Mint Sorbet into a sort of odd shimmer that was too sheer on its own. I hope you like my little experiment :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Awkward Octopus!

Hey everybody! Today's pos is a yummy jelly sandwich with a cute little octopus. The octopus is actually from Wong Fu Productions.  I love their YouTube videos and their awkward animals are sooo cute so I decided to incorporate Awkward Octopus!

The Jelly sandwich was made with Essie Good Morning Hope and Spoiled Trust Fund Baby (which I sadly realized doesn't have the fantastic square glitter in it just plain hex).  I think it that it's super pretty!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hey guys. I'm not sure if you guys ever saw but this gorgeous shimmery teal was in my first ever post. Not too long ago, but I know most of you guys haven't always followed me. This is just two coats of Zoya Zuza, a accent nail with star glitter, and top coat. Hope you guys have a good week... More nails soon!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stay the Night

Hey everybody! This is another one of the new OPI Liquid Sands from the Mariah Carrey collection, called Stay the night. Stay the Night is a lack base with the sand effect and then hot pink shiny glitter in it. I like this both ways! Both shiny and matte lookin. The last two pictures are the ones with top coat. Have a good weekend!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Across the Universe

Hey everybody! Today I've got a swatch of a infamous Deborah Lippman, Across the Uniiverse. I think this was probably the first Deborah Lippmann polishes I ever saw online... And we'll I thought it was one of the most gorgeous things ever. I'm also a huge Beatles fan, and anything with an awesome name like this is wanted( Hence why I probably adore the enchanted polish holos so much). This a sheer jelly dark blue with like primary blue micro glitter and then green and baby blue hexes. This is three coats with top coat on top. Lots of glitter coverage! Have a good weekend you guys :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Orly Miss Conduct

Hi guys! This is real quick, these were my nails for the past two days. I love Orly's Miss Conduct, and it was definitely one of my favorites from last year. This one the first chance I had to take some pictures of it's holo goodness. Look for a pretty Deborah Lippmann tomorrow! Bye :)