Friday, February 1, 2013

3 World of Warcraft Daring Digits Polishes

Hi everybody!   Today I've got three more Daring Digits polishes for you!  These three polishes are from the World of Warcraft line, which is very large so if you'd like to see more head over to here.  This is Mage, Alliance, and More Dots.

More pics after the jump!
First up is Mage over Ulta Devious which is just a deep purple creme that applies wonderfully.  Mage is a purple jelly with lots of iridescent hexes in two sizes and many colors...  but wait there's more!  This polish has an awesome holographic shimmer in the base!

I ended up loving this a lot more than I thought I would, which is funny considering purple is my favorite color.  Look at the awesome shimmer with pics from outside.

Next up is Daring Digits Alliance over Nicole by OPI Blue Lace.  This color has a really sheer blue base that I couldn't get to show up... so I put it over Blue Lace because it kinda looks like the picture of the base from the picture on her site.

I thought that this blue/ gold polish was pretty but I was a little disappointed in the base, but it does allow for more layering colors... here is a bottle shot to show you the blue base.

Last up is More Dots which is three coats of itself layered.   This is a black base which has a plethora of large hex glitters in it.  No problems with this pretty polish.

Thes polishes were like the other one's I've reviewed, pretty and  a strong smell.  So far this Daring Digits polish has been pretty awesome! Two more left scent for me to review, and I should have them up soon.   To buy any of these colors just go to 


  1. How creative! And purple is my favorite color too :)

    1. Lol go purple! I think that the daring digits polishes have been pretty awesome

  2. More Dots is amazing! I love it!! Super pretty! I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award! please see my blog post about it (not spam)