Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sorry, and I hope it's all smooth sailing!

Okay I am sooooo sorry for the hiatus.  First, while we were singing along to telemundo, the pipe to our water heater busted and water came pouring through our ceiling fan.  Me and my dad's fiance are freaking out while my dad is getting eggs at the store, and I frantically call him.  We lost a couch, a laptop, and pillows to all the water.  We had two inches of water in the floor.  Fun times.  I've been dealing with that, but then my dad went and lost my camera for two weeks.  Sorry! I'm back though!  

Next off, I've got this pretty Essie beauty.  I found this at TJ Maxx for $4, and I decided I must buy.  It's soooo pretty.

This is Smooth Sailing, apparently from the Essie summer collection last year.  This looks a lot more purple in these pictures, my camera is not a very happy camper.  It's more of a dark periwinkle, with a lovely silver shimmer. 

Here's a picture of the living room after what we have been calling the flood.  The bowls and pots are from we were trying to stop the water. After a few minutes we stopped even trying...way too much water. I promise to be on here a lot more now that I'm not dealing with this kinda stuff.

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