Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm Just Rockin' My Grammy Panties

Okay get ready for a loooong post.  I know it's been a minute since I posted but I've been busy and such!  I'm currently in West Virginia on Spring Break but yesterday morning I was in New York! I hope you all had an amazing Easter with tons of bunnies.  I know everyone had easter nails but I didn't sadly because I had the New York Subway map on my nails instead.

The polish I have to show you today I won from a llarowe facebook giveaway and is called Rockin My Grammy Panties from Wonder Beauty Products.  This polish's name is because it was originally made for a grammy party but this glitter bomb is gorgeous!

Look for more after the jump!

This is Rockin My Grammy Panties over Ulta's Cream of the Crop, a nice cream butter yellow color.  I didn't like this over the yellow as much as I thought I would but it does play off all that glitter.

The polish is a clear base with multiple sizes of black, green, blue, and holographic silver glitters.  Good coverage on the glitter, I think this was one to two coats of the polish.

These last two pictures are matted tips because I wanted to see the glitter better.

The next three pictures are of Rockin My Grammy Panties over Zoya Song (an AMAZING blue). 

I've got to say I love the blue version of this much better than it over the yellow.  I was so excited when I found out I'd won the giveaway... you can now get this polish on sale over at llarowe's website!

I will try to make sure I keep up on the blogging... UGH about forgetting

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