Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fashion Statement!

The fourth installment of the Girly Girl Challenge, lol I should call it All My Nails.  So I wasn't very inspired by this weeks challenge but it was, Inspired by the Runway- What is your favorite trend this season?  Show us your stylish nail designs.  Now my actual favorite trend is probably the awesome vintage flower prints lately, but I'm pretty sure I'd be crap at that...

What I did instead was originally supposed to be like cut out shirts, with all of like the whole in the back and such.  Not really my style, but I had NO ideas.  They are supposed to be neon, but I don't really own any real neons. 

The colors I used were Revlon All the Range(this is both colors in it, I regularly refer to it as my Joker Polish), Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Crush, Zoya Zuza, and a Color Club striper in Pink.
I hope you guys like it though, it's mostly just a complex tape mani.


  1. They may not be what you hoped for, but your nails look good!

    One way to make sheer or semi sheer polish look brighter (neon-ish) is to paint it over white. Paint your nails black then paint white where you want the bright colors to be then go over the white with the color.

    1. Thanks, I will definitely take your advice next time I do them :)