Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blue Glitter Gradient Nails

Woooo, back in North Carolina, and all my pretties were waiting for me.  I just had to grab some and do a new manicure.  I've got a few ideas for nails to come... some including some major free hand nail art.

Once a few months ago I tried a glitter gradient.... and well it didn't quite go as planned.  I'm not sure why but I thought that my amazing Nails Inc. glitter, Connaught Square, would pretty amazing with a neon hot pink.  From there I decided I should attempt the gradient effect again

(please excuse my photography skills, I'm still working on it)

I do really like this manicure, it's a little bit of bright rocker chic. 

To do this manicure I used OPI Pompeii Purple(a very old pink nail polish, this bottle is like three years old),  Nails Inc. Connaught Square, and L.A. Colors purple color craze. I love my bottle of Connaught Square, it's such a pretty mix of royal blue and purple glitter.  You can't really see the L.A. Colors glitter in my picture, which I apologize.  I don't normally buy L.A. Colors, my friend gave it to me and I like the effect of the glitter.

Well I hope you like them :)

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