Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sorry for no posts!

Well I've been on vacation for four days and have basically had no wi-fi(I could check me e-mail, that's about it) for five... but hopefully I should be posting 2-3 posts tomorrow.  I went to New York, and had some car trouble trying to go up on Wednesday and ended up going on Thursday.
On with the posts!  One will be on the nails I did for New York, one shall explain the new length and the terrible health of my nails, and one shall hopefully be either a swatch, or a design.  I can not wait to be back in North Carolina rather than West Virginia.  Most of my nail polish has been just sitting in it's box for two weeks. :(  I shall be back on Wednesday, and hopefully will get to see Dark Knight Rises.  Sorry it's been a few days.

Keep on nailin'

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