Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Little Black Dress!

These nails are yet (I know, it's getting ridiculous) another nail art contest. This one ending, very soon!  The link is here, and I suppose you could get one done in the 2 and a half hours left before the deadline.  Her guideline was fashion so I chose the ever so needed little black dress.

This looks way better in person.  The white highlights show up a lot of more... odd.

The colors I used were L'oreal I Will, and Maybelline's Express Finish in Onyx Rush and Mod Mauve.  The Maybelline colors are no longer sold in stores... just the color show ones.  The four Express Finish polishes that I have, I love!

These aren't the best nails, but I think they are pretty unique. I can only improve I should hope.

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