Monday, July 23, 2012

My Horrid Nails

Because of all of my continuous nail paintings, my nails have become rather... discolored.  The health of my nails is terrible, and I would actually love some tips on how to get them healthy again.

Left hand, pre-nail grooming

Right hand, pre-nail grooming
In light of a old nail problem on the ring finger of my right hand, I cut my nails because the little error has grown out... yay!  This happened some months ago t the beginning of the year, I didn't even know what base coat.

You can see the blemish a little bit in this picture, and you can also see my horrible yellowing.

My nails are now shorter

I have been using this base coat for couple of months in between uses of my favorite Sally Hansen Green Tea and Olive growth treatment.  It hasn't exactly done a lot, but I also just like the base coat in general.

The bottle

My Right hand

My left hand

Sorry this has been so picture heavy.  Again if anyone has an idea of how to get them looking better I'll appreciate it.

 One more post to go.

P.S. It's really hard to get n SD card out of the camera with short wet nails.


  1. Don't stress over the yellowing! It's staining from polish pigments & happens to most of us. You don't need to do anything for it if you're worried about nail health. If it really bugs you as a visual, you can use various products (including whitening toothpaste LOL) to try bleaching the stains out &/or lightly buff the area with a fine grade nail file (i.e. the 'conditioning' area if you use a multi-grit nail block). To keep the staining to a minimum, apply 2 coats of base coat,but don't be surprised if you see a bit of yellowing after using darker polishes. Otherwise, your cuticles look great & I don't see any chips or peeling in the photos. Your nails are fine.

    1. Okay, I'm not really worried per say... it's just sometimes I get all weird about them looking like that

  2. I think that the yellow area is because your nails are not getting enough vitamin D from the sun because you continuously paint over them so they can't be exposed to sunlight. but you can change that by maybe stop painting your nails for several days. i just think that you should give your nails a break so that they can come back beautiful. ;)

    1. I will remember that, I always want polish on my nails. Sometimes I look down and when there is no polish on them, it just bothers me.

    2. Nekkid nails...EEEEK! I'd rather go topless than have no polish on my nails. (I don't go topless tho' cuz I don't want anyone going blind. LOL)

    3. Lol I feel that way half the time, and then the other half I know how bad my nails probably need a breather.