Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Franken-ing

I showed you guys this mani at the beginning of the month, and well I decided to do a bit of experiment again.  I think if I were to name this, it would be Raspberry Cement.  Looking at the bottle you can see the awesome micro holo glitter in the pictures, I added some of Wet n' Wild Fantasy Makers Body glitter that I got at Walgreens.  I love how the holo and raspberry glitter look with the pale gray.

More about, after the jump!

When I crave new polish, but um don't either have the money or the ability to go and buy, I make.  I'm not sure if you guys like to see my creations or not,  I would LOVE any thoughts you have on my little experiments.  I just made one today that I absolutely adore...  I hope you guys are doing well and love the new look of my blog just as much as I do!

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