Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dead Nails

I've got another halloween nail design tomorrow, but first... this one! Okay these are supposed to be like corpse nails, and well they are pretty awesome!

I couldn't really get any good pictures of it, sorry... but I think they look pretty freaking creepy.

To get this look I painted my nails with a coat of L'oreal eiffel for you(a purplish taupe), then a coat of Orly Decades of Dysfunction(a really clean dead looking nude, from their Dark Shadows collection), and then I sponged on some L'oreal I Will(a white creme), OPI San An-tan-tonio(an awesome tan creme), Zoya Megan(a really pale purplish gray creme), and a Lane Bryant nail polish in a deep lavender sort of color... kind of a random nail polish for me to own, sorry.  

I like these a lot!  I would be so worried if my nails actually looked like this.

and a jack-o-lantern I made, he's a little special.  Hope you guys had an AWESOME halloween.

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