Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nail Haul

Hey look it's another nail haul!  So this is kind of a test, I wanted to see how this schedule a post works.  Anyway I do realize my nail hauls are tiny compared to others, but these are still gorgeous polishes.  I promise to swatch them :)

The polishes I got were Models Own Golden Green Beetle Juice, Butter London Sprog, No More Waity.  Katie, The Black Knight, and then I found Stila Confetti and added it to the pile.

Oh Sprog, what shall I compare thou to? Nothing because you are unique beautiful.  I put this on my toes, and it has amazingly smooth application as well as being that special periwinkle blue.

No More Waity Katie,  more on this one later, but number one... beautiful!  

The Black Knight, this has been a lemming for months... and it didn't disappoint.  Look at all those awesome colors!

I found this at Urban Outfitters for $5... I've never used Models Own, and at that price, I figured I would try it.  I like the duochrome, it's like a darker Peridot or something.

This is Stila Confetti... do you see this glittery awesomeness!?  So excited about it.

I got all the Butter London's buy two get one free at Ulta, and it was the push I needed to buy The Black Knight.  I had lots of fun getting this stuff... so happy!  


  1. Hi Morgana, that is an impressive haul! I present you with an award on my blog today, come see!

  2. Black Knight looks so awesome!