Saturday, August 25, 2012

Go Techno Van Gogh!

My nails today are a emerald green creme with a fun sparkle top coat.  Yesterday I was at Sally's, and all of their clearance was 50% off.  I bought like 6 bottles, and two of them were these beauties.  I spent like 10 dollars on a bunch of polishes, and a giant bottle of nail polish remover.

Techno is large holo glitter, and micro holo glitter in a clear base.  This is so amazing... it makes everything sparkle.  Go Van Gogh! is a emerald green creme with just a touch of teal in it.  This was my first ever Finger Paints polish, and, I will definitely buy it again.  It was opaque in two coats, as well as nice and smooth.  

Have fun and keep painting :) 

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