Monday, August 20, 2012

Press On Manicure?

imPRESS, made by Kiss, are supposed to be a press-on manicure.  So I'd wanted to try these since they came out... not really sure why.  I decided I would finally buy some when I was at Walmart one day.  I bought the most ridiculous ones they had, mostly because that's just how I am.  These are called Text Appeal.  After applying them, the only thing I liked was the bottle.

I do think the design is fun, but I think I just don't like fake nails.  They felt thick on my nails, but still not firm.  They are almost a gel sort of thing for the nail.  There was also a sort of gap between my nails and the manicure.  I wasn't really fond of the gap.

I feel like I've just complained, but I just didn't really like them.  They aren't my cup of tea.  I promise I will be better about posting!  I've been busy trying to do all these summer assignments...  I wish I had another week.

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