Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nail Ideas... Dreams

If you've noticed, I tend to try and do more nail art than anything else.  I realize that I don't have anywhere enough money to swatch things addictively, and I like the effects of nail art.  When I got my nail discs last month I began swatching most of my nail polish... but I also kept a disc especially to put my ideas down, to test so to speak.  This is the first of hopefully many.

Completed nail disc

This is sort of a way so that I can show you what I am capable of, and for you as readers to tell me what you guys like.  Also this shows a little bit of who I am, and what I like.
Manly I will show three nails and then I will tell you what those specific three are :)

Nails 1-3
1: A delightful cupcake(one of my favorites)
2: An Ice Cream Cone
3: Dark Side of the Moon(Pink Floyd Cover)

Nails 4-6
4: The Beatles and the logo of their record label(They are my all time favorite band)
5: My 'Charlie Brown' nail, this is the pattern on his shirt
6: The Batman Logo!

Nails 7-9
7: Broken Heart Nail(from this years valentine design)*
8: Robot Heart(from robot manicure)*
9: Dot and Stripe nail(many of you have already seen this since it might be most read post)

Nails 10-12
10: Tuxedo nail(much seen I think)
11: Robot nail(from my robot manicure)*
12: Color block nail(the manicure that probably started it all)*

Nails 13-15
13: Converse nail(my favorite everyday shoe)
14: Tardis nail(from my Doctor Who nails, also my favorite show)*
15: British flag nail(also in my Doctor Who nails)*

Nails 16-18
16: Filipino flag(I am half filipino)
17: Lion nail
18: Spectator shoe

*To see the original click here! Which is a link to my pinterest board(which existed before my blog).

I hope you guys liked this little peak of my brain.  I had a lot of fun making these.  If you guys would like to see a post about a particular one, comment. :)


  1. I've actually seen that first hand. Looks better in person.

    1. Good? Cameras aren't the greatest thing in the world.

  2. So pretty! You have great talent!

    1. Thanks so much! I try and put a lot of work into them.