Monday, August 13, 2012

Sally Hansen Stud-io Time

Holy Cow Batman!  999 views this morning... yes I am considering that 1000.  Thanks for you guys making my first month kinda successful.  I am extremely happy :D.

On to the nails!  I kinda cheated, sorry y'all.  I was at Target and these nail wraps were in the sale bin for $2.56, and I figured, "Why not?" I hadn't used any nail wraps since the Sally Hansen wraps came out (I tried the butterfly ones then) and that was before I was really in nails.  I love these... I had a much better experience than the first time.  They are cute, and work correctly.  While I won't shell out the $10 normally, I will spend $2.56.

If you continuously read my blog, then you are aware that my last manicure was the super sparkly, Pudding Lane.  This was my picture of my tin finger look... I was using the almighty aluminum foil.  If you have ever used glitter nail polish you will understand. 

Anyway thanks for an awesome month blogging :)


  1. Haven't ever used the wraps because they are so crazy expensive but at 2.56 I would have bought them too! I think they look really cool just pricey. Congrats on a great first month :)

    1. Thanks, yeah I think that buying them at full price is a bit of a luxury. I do think that it's cheaper than going to the salon though. :)